Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What did my asparagus ever do to you?

I need to rant! As far as issues are ranked, this is my biggie, numeral uno! Don't people know how to bag groceries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I picked Lo up a bit early from pre school today. She's had a wracking cough and runny nose for a few days. She's started a slight ear and sinus infection. Not a bad track record, this being her first ear infection. We waited in the room for over 20 minutes for the doctor. "You're late!" Lola scolded Dr. Roberts. We had been playing with the blood pressure cuff and knee hammer thing when he wrapped on the door.

We left an hour later with a sticker and a prescription. Off to the grocery store. I had planned on making chicken alfredo with local asparagus and broccoli tossed together. "Mama can I have a donut?" "How about two Munchkins instead of a big donut? Wouldn't you rather have TWO Munchkins instead of one donut? This kid of mine is too smart. "Mama, I'd rather have a big donut because it's actually bigger!" She munched her two Munchkins as we made our way down the isles, Gibson dropping his pacifier along the way.

"Register 7 is open!" My lucky day. There is always a glut of loaded carts and impatient shoppers but nary more than three lanes open. I unload my groceries from the cart the way I think they should be bagged. I'm of the opinion this helps the bagger. I place all paper goods together, all freezer and dairy together, cleaning products usually last. I hand over my recycled, earth friendly totes and the bagging begins.

Lola had run off to sit in a motorized grocery cart, so my attention was diverted to her. "1! 2!"
She's always back to me before I hit 3. "Let's rock kid." I open Lo's door and have her climb in. I finish buckling Gibby and open the back of the Volvo to load the groceries in. In one tote bag are two small containers of Haagen Daz. In the next tote, a package of runny, drippy chicken breast, cottage cheese, sour cream, a can of chicken broth, tomato paste, a bag of apples, and fresh cut pineapple. "Where is my asparagus?" I say out loud. I look in the third tote bag. A Tinkerbell Pez dispenser for Lola, babyfood, and the grocery receipt. "Where the hell......." I look again inside bag #2. There lay the carnage. My asparagus was smooshed under the dairy, canned stuff and runny chicken. I see myself dragging the kids back in and waving a baseball bat at the manager.

I've never seen myself as a crank............ I must phone this store several times a month and complain about their bagging. It, of course never comes to any satisfaction. I have learned my lesson. From now on I bag my own groceries. When the cashier says " We have baggers, the manager wants us to bag all groceries," I'll reflect on that day and imagine how that asparagus must have suffered.

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