Monday, May 25, 2009

Chardonnay, Riesling And Reasoning

I drank way too much last night. We finally hauled the wicker out of the basement and set up our side porch. It's our favorite spot in the summer. We have two sets of french doors, on either side of the fireplace that lead out to the porch. I love having those doors open in the morning, bringing fresh air and the songs of birds into the house. The view opens up to Poet's Seat Tower, a brick tower, castle like in appearance, on top of a mountain. It was named so because of a glut of local poets in our area around 1912. Fourth of July fireworks are set off from the tower every year. Really fantastic "WOW!" fireworks.

Back to the binge. A beautiful evening was unfolding. I had a pile of Gourmet and Bon Appetite dating back several months and Sean had a cigar. Lola was running back and forth to the porch to admire the hanging flower baskets we purchased earlier in the morning. "How about sushi tonight?" I was thinking the same exact thing at the same exact moment. Sean and I do this almost on a daily basis (not have sushi) think and then say out loud what the other was just thinking. Usually it's a song. I'll have an obscure song playing in my mind, for instance Smithereen's Cigarette; and the next instant he's singing it!

I was feeling quite relaxed after two, or maybe three glasses of Chardonnay Riesling blend. I was happily ripping out recipes and filing them in my binder. The sushi arrived and we continued our lazy evening on the porch. Gibson was noisily bouncing in his bouncy and Lo had joined us outside to color. Hours later, the kids are in bed. The sushi was fantastic. Hours later I was in bed. I remember bolting up from bed and bumping my way to the bathroom. Oh man did I feel hazy. Summer has a way of sneaking up on you. I'm paying for it today. I think later this evening I'll just stick with Gin & Tonic.

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