Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No underwear to wear?

I warned my husband this little scenario that played out last night would be MY FIRST BLOG ENTRY! (felt great to type that one!)

I have spent the greater part of two days reading other writer's blogs and figuring out how to set one up. I called a domain service and spent over $250 for rights and hosting! I shouted out a triumphant WOO HOO! and then panicked at what I had just spent! Oh wow, I had just committed to something and paid for it! I'm a typical Gemini who has too many interests and too many undone projects haunting me. My dining room table is the recipient of those projects left undone.

By then it was late afternoon and I needed to run some errands. Sean needed new underwear and I wanted to replace a set of wine glasses. Only two were left from a set of eight. Why do wine glasses break in a sequence of three? I had yet to shower or even brush my teeth, so caught up in this blogging thing.

I called the domain provider back and said "Hi, I just set up an account this morning but I've changed my mind. See, my friends on Facebook feed my vanity by suggesting I start a blog." I was trying to let the tech down easy as if he were my stylist who had caught me getting color and cut from another salon. "Well, that's certainly not a problem, but you should really keep this package. You'll have lots of reader traffic and this package certainly supports it." "From your lips to God's ears!" I mused.

He refunds my card and I feel guilty I almost spent that money on writing! Gibson is crawling around the kitchen floor happily gnawing on an ant trap. Crap! Kids! I have kids! A time warp has me starring in disbelief at the clock. 4:30 and it's time to pick Lola up from preschool. I haven't done any laundry or domestic goddess stuff , all consumed by blogging. Funny thing is, I hadn't written one single word....just trying to set up a blog page!

Fast forward to about 7:30. Sean's home from work. "I think something is wrong with the computer?" Every time I tried to create a blog page the system would tell me I was working off line. "I wish you wouldn't do this kind of stuff without someone who knows how to do it! You probably picked up a virus!" I was shoveling spoonfuls of carrots into Gibby's mouth. In my best whiny, invisible, neglected Mommy tone I said "Hey, this is something I need to do for myself. This is really important to me and I enjoy writing!" "That's fine but I told you I need underwear for tomorrow, don't you get enjoyment out of buying me underwear?" That last line delivered with his best jovial tone.

We had a glass of wine and scooted the kids to bed. It's now the next day, and yes, he had clean underwear. I'll repeat my WOO HOO!

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  1. Yay, blogging! I go in and out of phases w/ mine. Sometimes I really lack inspiration, and other days I just can't wait to get the kids (and husband!) to sleep so I can blog. I was going to suggest you write one...enjoy!