Saturday, May 16, 2009

F bomb anyone?

Lola dropped the F bomb today. She occasionally peppers her speech with "shit." As in " Shit, why won't this stupid baby stand!" We were having a tea party today while Gibson slept. "This fucking cup is tipping!" She was pouring water into a porcelain cup while we played waitress at the coffee table. "What did you say?!" "Sorry mama...."

Ah, the woven tapestry of speech. So colorful, so dynamic. I had to hide my smirk. Yes I was appalled at her choice of expression and thought "Damn it Sean, watch what you say around her!" I can't blame it on Sean. I know it wasn't me, maybe she gleaned it from a cereal commercial or Sponge Bob? I bet it was one of her neer do well Pre school playmates. Now I know what they talk about among themselves while swinging and playing in the sandbox
"Mommy is such a F-er for not letting me have another Popsicle before I went night night!'
"Daddy is such a F-er for reading that same stupid bunny book night after night to me!" From the mouth of babes!

I schooled Lola on the rights and wrongs of well placed curse words. Teachers might think mommy and daddy talk that way at home. Not every occasion calls for such flowery, verbose language, and most importantly...ladies NEVER, EVER use that kind of language.

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