Monday, January 31, 2011

HOLY CRAP where have I been?

My last blog was Dec 6Th??????

I'm fed up with snow up to my arse and this winter wonderland shtick! I haven't been to the gym in about three weeks and all I want to do is eat cheese and escape into my wine (whine) glass.

I'm wound up this morning and I'll say what I need to say while I can, Gibson is upstairs watching cartoons so I'll type quickly....

WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO OUR KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beauty pageants, baby pageants, toddler pageants all creep me out! There's a show called Toddlers and Tiaras, an exploration into the world of baby pageants. Have you seen the video gone viral of the "mom" having her 5 year old's eyebrow waxed? Yeah, that's a hoot! The poor little girl has had it done several times. She screams as the wax is pulled off her forehead. Her "incubator" says she usually just holds her down and pulls it off herself....Mommy Of The Year Award.

How about the mom who punished her 6 year old for lying, by casually reaching into the medicine cabinet and pouring hot sauce into her son's mouth. She does this on a regular basis because when asked what happens when he fibs he says " I get the hot sauce." The video then shows his second installment of corrective behavior adjustment, a cold shower. The mother was a guest on Dr. Phil. If media outlets are true she is to be charged with child abuse. Both of these videos are online and I am purposefully not posting them here.

Remember Mary Kay Laterno? She's the teacher who had sex with her then 12 year old student. She spent time in jail, has two girls by him, now teenagers themselves. Mary Kay and Villi are married and her son by her first marriage has made her a first time grandmother. Of course this was a "news" story covered by TODAYshow's Meredith Vieria. What a struggle that was to watch! It seems Mary Kay is whacked out on some sort of serotonin uptake and still doesn't seem to comprehend the criminal, predatory nature she exhibited so long ago. Her husband Villi seems somewhat more lucid and the segment portrays them as one big happy family. Maybe they are, only she knows how and if she's made her family, and extended family whole.

I knew someone casually in college, a friend of a friend. He was busted several years back for accessing child porn. Don't remember if he was downloading or distributing. Whatever the details are, he is serving time in prison. My husband and I debate his sentence. He thinks it's ridiculous to be jailed for pornography. He argues the guy never did anything, never touched a child. My argument; how do we know he never touched a child? I too, don't know if he did. Does viewing kiddie porn lead to physically acting out? I don't know enough about the psychology behind it, I don't have any data. I just know that children are vulnerable and child porn is so much more sinister than adult pornography.

I'm by no means the best mom. I have a pretty low tolerance for patience. I tend to get a bit loud and irritated at my two kids. I huff and puff when they make a mess in the kitchen. I want to pull my hair out when they get into one of their famous hitting battles like two Rockem Sockem Robots. Hell, I almost throw a hissy fit when my kids call out "Mommy" just as I finally sit down with a juicy cook book in my hands.

I think the best thing to come out of some of these headlines is simply to remind me that these little people are simply kids. They're not little dolls for us to primp and put on display. They are not some sort of animal that will learn behavior by fear. They are an extension of us and want the same as we do, simply love, respect, attention and comfort.

I'm about out of time. Lola is screaming for me to come upstairs. Gibson just emptied a bottle of Crest Pro Health Mouthwash on his bedroom carpet. This kid has great timing! I'm gritting my teeth! I love my kids, I love my kids, I love my........