Friday, December 18, 2009

Evolution for Three Thousand Please

We drove to our favorite tree farm again this year. I'm still vacuuming pine needles and Easter grass from last years holidays! Lola and Gibson were excited, running all over the barn and into the banks of freshly plowed mounds of snow. We picked a tall thin tree for thirty bucks. The kids were given grab bags of candy and small trinkets.

The tree is decked, gifts are wrapped and in cold storage in our attic. Lola and I have been listening to Christmas music since the day after Thanksgiving. She is genetically predisposed to any and all things Christmas. She woke Saturday morning and asked "Can I not have cartoons and listen to Christmas music?" That's my girl!

I've noticed at night, as I tuck her in and help brush her teeth, she's growing so fast. Her looks are changing from chubby checks to refined nose and even more blueberry blue eyes. She's asking deep questions. "What color is Baby Jesus?" I guessed he may have olive toned or darker skin. "What are cavemen? Why do they carry those bones and say Unga Bunga?" I tried to explain about pre-man...."You mean we were born from cavemen?" The whopper was "What is evolution?" She stumps me, she really stumps me.

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  1. Us too! Atticus recently came up w/ his own theory of the origin of the universe: A flower in the sky exploded and the earth came out. That might be my favorite one so far!